What makes Snorkel Vent unique.

Fit & Forget

All other airbrick covers need fitted, closed or sealed just before a flood.….but you can sleep easy with a Snorkel Vent

Cost Effective

The Snorkel Vent is one of the most cost effective flood solutions on the market, providing flood protection for just 3 pence a day.

Continuous Ventilation

The Snorkel Vent is the only air brick flood protection device which allows continuous ventilation – even during a flood.

Permanent Solution

Snorkel Vent is a simple device that is bonded over the airbrick. Once fitted it provides permanent protection from flooding.


A builder is not required. Simple to follow instructions mean any able-bodied person can fit a Snorkel Vent in 5 minutes! They can even be painted to suit your home.

Maintenance Free

Unlike so-called smart-brick replacements – Snorkel Vent requires no maintenance as there are no moving parts that can get clogged with debris. Made from acrylic capped ABS – as used for caravan roofs.

Been flooded?… do something about it


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