May 25, 2011

Useful Links

The National Flood Forum – 01299 403055
A community based network of people who have experience of flooding.
They offer advice on where to source flood protection products as well as
specialist help and advice on insurance issues.

Association of British Insurers

Regional forecasts

Citizens Advice Bureau
Flooding in a rented property
Claiming against insurance

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
RICS Consumer Flood Guide

A useful RICS guide on floods and provides practical advice for you and your family during a flood:

• Preparing for flooding
• During a flood
• Flood survival plan
• Post-flood recovery

Flood guide from AVRillo Conveyancing

AVRillo Conveyancing state: “The research aims to give homeowners the knowledge to protect themselves from the financial impact of this natural event, as well as giving advice on what to do if their property is flooded.”

Government Agencies by Country


Flood warning service
Check flood warnings

Sign up for flood warnings

Northern Ireland
Check flooding in your area