May 17, 2011


1. What is an Air Brick or Air Vent?

All buildings with wooden floors require air bricks/air vents. They allow the cavity under the floor to ‘breath’. Without it the wood is likely to rot.

2. Why does an Air Brick or Air Vent need to ‘breath’?

If the wooden floor is not allowed to ‘breath’ then rot will occur. This is why it is essential to never block your air vents.

3. What is the Snorkel Vent?

The Snorkel Vent is a simple flood protection device which raises the height of your air vents so that flood water is kept out. Under-floor flooding can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage. Protect your home with the Snorkel Vent!

4. How does the Snorkel Vent work?

The Snorkel Vent is bonded and sealed to the wall around the air vent effectively raising the height of the vent without restricting the air flow so that your house can breathe underwater. It is like a snorkel…for houses!

5. How do I fit the Snorkel Vent?

Installing the Snorkel Vent couldn’t be simpler, simply use a good quality adhesive sealant to bond the Snorkel Vent to the wall around your air vent.

Please click here to view a pdf of the Snorkel Vent fitting instructions

Or view the movie below

6. How is the Snorkel Vent different from other flood protection products?

Most flood devices on the market need to be fitted or closed when you think a flood is imminent and removed or opened afterwards. This is because they block off all ventilation through the air vents. Not very convenient if you are at work or asleep!

Snorkel Vent is different – once fitted it gives permanent 24 hour protection. It does not need to be activated and allows continuous ventilation – even during a flood!

7. How long does the Snorkel Vent last for?

Snorkel Vent is made from special U/V resistant plastic, the same type that is used to make caravan roofs. These are guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years. The snorkel vent should last a lot longer than this.

8. Who should use the Snorkel Vent?

Anyone who’s house has air vents or air bricks.

I’d like some more information on the Snorkel Vent where do I get it?

Please feel free to contact us on 028 9263 9995 or email us at

9. Are there any other products like the Snorkel Vent on the market?

No! Snorkel Vent is the only product of its kind. All other air vent covers have to be fitted just before a flood, requiring prior knowledge that the flood is going to happen. Even the SMARTbrick, a so called ‘fit & forget’ product, which is activated by the floodwater, DOES have to be thoroughly cleaned and/or decontaminated after the flood water has receded.

Snorkel Vent is the only flood protection device that is truly a ‘fit & forget’ solution.

10. Why do I need the Snorkel Vent?

If your house is at risk from flooding then you need to protect the first, and often the only place that flood water enters a building, this is through the air bricks.

11. Do all homes have Air Vents or Air bricks?

No, some homes are built with solid (concrete) floors. These do not have Air Vents (air bricks). Sometimes one room has a solid floor (often the kitchen) but the others have wooden floors with a cavity beneath.

12. How do I find out if my area is at risk from flooding?

We recommend that you visit the Environmental Agencies Flood section on its website. It contains access to flood maps, valuable information on what to do to prepare your house and what to do during a flood. It also allows you to sign up for Flood warnings for your area. To go to their site now click this link.

13. How much does a Snorkel Vent cost?

The Snorkel Vent prices vary from £21.90 for 310mm (1 foot) of protection to £35.50 for 900mm of protection.

14. Who makes the Snorkel Vent?

Snorkel Vent is designed, and manufactured by Donite Plastics Ltd, 280 Comber Road, Lisburn, Northern Ireland. They have been manufacturing quality plastic products since 1981.

15. How long does it take for the Snorkel Vent to be delivered?

Delivery usually takes around 48 hrs.