May 17, 2011

About Us

Our Background

Since 1981, Donite Plastics Ltd has been providing high quality, affordable products to companies throughout the UK and Ireland. We specialize in custom moulded plastics using the vacuum forming process and GRP (glass reinforced plastic). The processes are ideal for medium or small batch quantities and even one-off prototypes. Our factory is 5 miles south of Belfast city in Northern Ireland.

Donite Plastics prides itself in the comprehensive service that it offers. This includes full CAD/ CAM design and manufacturing facilities. Using 3D computer modelling and our in-house mould making facilities we can turn ideas into production parts within days. Our facilities include full 5 axis machining and trimming as well as the largest Vacuum Forming Machine in Ireland.

Our highly efficient production control system ensures quality products and services are always delivered. We have been certified as an EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assured Company. We continually develop our processes and systems and strive to continually exceed customer expectations. Here at Donite Plastics we recognise that quality is not a choice but a necessity!

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Invention of the Snorkel Vent

Michael Knight is the Managing Director of Donite Plastics Ltd. Here is the story of how he came up with the the idea for the Snorkel Vent™:

“During a thunderstorm last autumn there was a flash flood at the front of my house. The water only got to about 6 inches deep and was not high enough to get over the step at the front door. However, the air vents for under floor ventilation are, of course, a lot lower than the door step. Despite my efforts with planks of wood and sandbags, quite a lot of water must have flowed through the air vents under the floor of the house.

I told my wife not to worry – it would dry out in a few days and would not do any harm. However after a few days the damp musty smell started. This persisted around the house for several months. At this point my little darling demanded I do something to ensure that this did not happen again.

Before this incident I had never really thought about air vents or air bricks as they are often called. They are always below floor board level – whereas doors and windows are always above floorboard level. So, unless you have solid floors the air vents are always the first place flood water will get into your house. I just had to think of some easy way to effectively raise the height of the vents above the likely flood water height (see photo below of 1st prototype)

Later that summer we were able to go away on holiday safe in the knowledge our home was now protected from the, now much more common, flash floods.

First Snorkelvent Prototype

First Prototype Snorkel Vent on Michael’s House