May 25, 2011

Flood Proof your Home

Avoid having carpets downstairs if you are in a flood risk area. Instead lay ceramic tiles or rugs on the floor. Rugs can easily be moved to safety before a flood. Tiles are easier to clean and cheaper to replace than carpet
Move important documents or mementos upstairs, or place on high mounted shelves if left downstairs.

Fit stainless steel, plastic or solid wood units, rather than chipboard.

Install synthetic or PVC doors and windows

Raise electrical sockets to over 1.5 meters, this will stop them being affect by flooding.

Mount TV’s or Stereo systems on the wall

Fit a non-return valve to all drains or water inlets.

Air bricks are essential for ventilation but during a flood it is usually the first place that water enters a house. The snorkel vent offers permanent protection against flooding through airbricks

Door guards can be placed across the bottom of your external doors to stop water entering

Seal any holes created by pipework and wiring e.g. satellite cable
Use lime-based plaster on walls instead of gypsum