“Nagging wife inspires innovation”

“After a flood at home my wife insisted I designed a cure” says Michael Knight, managing director of Donite Plastics Ltd.

“You will have to put those vents up higher” she said and the concept came to me immediately, says Michael. He came up with the “Snorkel Vent”. This one-piece unit moulded from strong durable plastic is bonded over the existing air-vents. Unlike other products, which have to be attached or closed just before a flood, the Snorkel Vent is permanently fixed to the wall. The moulded-in louvers allow for continuous under-floor ventilation even during a flood.

Michael tells us that the British Standards “Kite Mark” tests products only up to a flood height of 900mm as structural damage may occur during flooding over this level. “Our product is totally unique in this regard, as safety overflow is built into the design”.

There are a wide range of products on the market today that will protect from flooding through airbricks but this has to be the simplest, most user-friendly flood protection device available.
As Michael says, “We went on holiday last summer safe in the knowledge our home was protected from our now commonplace flash-floods”.

Satisfied customer John Bankah from Stanmore in London says “I fitted 3 snorkel vents myself, it was simple and quick to do and I’m very happy knowing my property is safe now. During a flash flood some months ago a couple of inches of water came through the airbricks under my floorboards and crept up the walls turning them black! Now I don’t have to worry every time it rains. There has been flooding since I fitted the snorkel vents and they work a treat”

Michael is currently designing a quick fit, low-cost Door barrier.